This Woman HAD To Confront Her Boyfriend After Learning That He Was Sleeping With Her Best Friend.

This Woman HAD To Confront Her Boyfriend After Learning That He Was Sleeping With Her Best Friend.


She was devastated when her best friend admitted that she was sleeping with her boyfriend. But when she confronted her boyfriend, she never expected him to tell her this…

It all started a few months ago, when my best friend Kim started questioning the ”liberty” (more like trust) I give to Mike. I don’t make an issue of things that would normally be inappropriate for some people. I trust Mike’s character and believe he will make the right choices. I also know I am the jealous type so it is better to just let go for me and trust. I would rather he strays than behave because I am watching solely.

However Kim kept trying to imply that he could be cheating on me and that I would have no idea. Her ex cheated on her (it was in high school though) so I guess she tends to be suspicious. Now why of my boyfriend? I thought it was because she was looking out for me. She is also friends with him, so surely she knows he is not that type right?( I know anyone can cheat, but let’s agree that some people are really less likely to)

Mike and I have been together 3 years. He is my first and I love him very much. He is both a lover and friend to me and our relationship is a source of happiness to me (and him too normally). Mike has never given me a reason to doubt him, never lied about serious things just insignificant things like saying he is arriving soon at my house when really he just finished showering. Basically , the idea of him cheating is foreign to me. We had strong and clear boundaries in place. I would be mindf*cked if he did knowing the type of person he is. But then again, most betrayed thought like me, anyways.

Kim had been bringing it up on and off for the last few months and a few weeks ago when she came to stay over, she dropped the bomb on me that supposedly, Mike was cheating with her. At first I felt really numb, I cried, I screamed, berated her and drove to Mike’s house at 2AM. She had shown me ”texts” on WhatsApp with his name and it was very clearly cheating.

They had been together for 6 months, he would meet her on Mondays to have lunch (when he told me he usually have lunch with his parents). They apparently snuck out on New Years’ Eve to fool around (I did lose sight of both of them at one point at that party, but found him with his friends later). I confronted him in this hysterical state and he just looked confused.

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