This Man Rescued A Dog That Was Violently Abandoned. But He Was Shocked When The Dog Returned The Favor.

This Man Rescued A Dog That Was Violently Abandoned. But He Was Shocked When The Dog Returned The Favor.


All thanks and credit goes to the Reddit user, BroffaloSoldier for sharing this story. Above is a picture of Hank, the beagle mix.

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This incident happened in the summer of 2015. I live by myself in nice house inside a small town. Low crime, but still the occasional shady people. Anyway, at work that day, on a smoke break, I watched a dog get thrown from a moving vehicle. Four lane city traffic during the start of rush hour. I ran right out there, picked him up, and booked it back to my workplace. He was not injured, amazingly. As a bleeding heart animal lover, I decided to take him home with me until I could figure out what to do with him.

I have a large amount of cats, and always have. This was my first experience with a dog that I was solely responsible for. This guy was VERY shy. Head hung, tail tucked, jumpy… Just looking at me like I was about to beat him.

I was CLUELESS on the subject of dog personalities and tendencies. I just knew they needed to be taken out frequently. His first night with me, we had been out about 15 times, as I did not want him defecating in my house.

That night I was having my final cigarette of the day on my porch around 10:30 pm, and he was chilling under my chair. I see a creepy man walking by my house who kept glancing up at me before passing. Shortly after he passed my house, he stopped, turned on his heel and approached. “Hey, can you tell me where 302 Church street is?”, he asked. I told him I would search the address on my phone, which, of course was taking a minute to pull up. He explained he didn’t have a phone of his own and was attempting to get to a friends house. Taking small steps toward me the whole time. Finally the address I summoned came up.

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