This Guy Described His First Week Working At Target And It's Just Hilarious.

This Guy Described His First Week Working At Target And It’s Just Hilarious.


A guy who was recently hired at Target decided to post a day-by-day of his first week working as a cashier on his Tumblr page.

Here it is. Enjoy!

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Day 1 of working at Target:

-Sold lingerie to an eighty year old woman.

-Served an old woman who I thought had an impressive mustache, but it was just nose hair.

-Sold a bra to the mom of a sixteen year old girl who was cringing the entire time.

-Watched two women get trapped between two sets of automatic doors because they did not understand how to open them. How they got through the first set, I still do not know.

-Had a very engaging conversation with a three year old boy about colors. We both like blue.

-Got a free salted caramel Frappuccino from a barista named Parker. Win!

-Sold fifteen gallons of kitty litter to a soccer mom who refused to break eye contact

-Got a second free starbucks drink. This one was a pumpkin pie one that wasn’t even on the menu. I like this barista man.

-Gave dozens of children stickers. Several of them squealed when they got them. This is the best part of my job.

-Sold an old man $200 of furniture and got him to sign up for a Target credit card. Before he finished the last step, he turned and walked away with his card without a word.

-He still hadn’t paid. I called him back and he apologized, saying “sorry, sometimes my diabetes makes me do that.” He didn’t finish getting the card.

-A woman came up with $220 of items. After a wad of coupons and a stack of free gift cards from other promotions, her total went down to $55. I want her to teach me.

-Saw a girl skipping down the aisle in what can only be described as a pink princess fairy wedding dress. She was filled with happiness and if I hadn’t been on the clock I would have taken her. At the very least, I want that outfit for my own.

-Got approached by a large man named Jason. He told me not to steal. I will take this advice to heart.

-Met a woman referred to only as The Cat Lady. She asked if I wanted her to buy me a keychain from Ross. I told her I had no keys. She nodded solemnly and walked away, whispering their exact location inside Ross, just in case.

-Got called into the HR Head’s office at the end of my shift. I was expecting to be yelled at for some reason. She and another lead showered me in compliments for ten minutes straight, saying a lot of managers had been saying great things about me all day. Not what I expected, but I’ll take it.

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