She Found Out That Her Boyfriend Was Married So She Sent This Package To His Wife.

She Found Out That Her Boyfriend Was Married So She Sent This Package To His Wife.


This girl thought she had met a great guy online. Everything was going swimmingly until she learned he was married. But then she got her sweet, sweet revenge…

I met a guy online who told me he was separated from his wife. We “dated” for about 6 months. I put that in quotes, because it turns out he was a total liar. He was never separated, he was still very much married. I couldn’t believe how he cleverly strung me along when I found out that he was still married and how he lied to me. He led me on for a good 2 months to believe that he was really getting divorced and how I was his dream girl, how I was everything he ever wanted, etc.

He was a total charmer, always knew what to say, until I finally wised up and came to see the light of reason. I completely broke it off with him, deleted any and all evidence I had that he was ever in my life and went no contact. It was such an emotionally bad situation that I found myself in – having dated someone married, and not realizing the depths of his lies. I missed him, and yet I loathed him at the same time.

I despised myself for having been led on and for having fallen so hard for him. I hated that he manipulated me into thinking there was a chance for us when he was still fully married. I couldn’t believe that I was pining for someone as unworthy as he was and that he had purposely and deliberately led me on for so many months.

About month after I broke up with him, I found him online again – with the very same profile, stating that he was separated, but now looking for a FWB situation. I was LIVID. All the anger I had and the rage I had towards him that I never expressed just finally welled up, turned my blood icy cold and I just wanted revenge. So I decided I would take revenge:


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