People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.

People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.


“A cave?!” repeated my father. His voice adopted the tone that I would later learn to recognize as being a part of his storyteller persona. “You mean we moved into a house with a secret room?

The term hadn’t yet occurred to me, but I immediately went along with it. “Yes! Yes, it’s a secret room, and it’s in the closet.”

“What’s inside?” my mother asked.

My brother and I glanced at each other. For all of our outspoken love of fantasy and adventure, we had both been hesitant to go spelunking without permission. “We… couldn’t get in,” I eventually replied, suddenly feeling embarrassed. “Also, we couldn’t see anything.”

“Now, would the Hardy Boys just give up like that?” asked my father. He left the room for a moment, and when he returned, he was carrying a matching pair of flashlights. “Go try again,” he continued, “and then let me know what you guys find!”

That was all the prompting I needed. My brother and I ran back to our bedroom (incurring a shout of “Slow down on the stairs!” from our mother), turned on our torches, and got ready to mount a second expedition to the hole in the back of the closet. After a few false starts, we managed to climb inside and shine our beams around, at which point we noticed a switch on the wall nearest to us. Flipping it – the wisdom of which we briefly debated – illuminated the area, allowing us to see that we were in a fairly large crawl-space with a back wall that had been finished in a peculiar design of ornate hardwood.

An adult likely would have found it underwhelming. For my brother and me, though, it was the discovery of a lifetime. Over the years that we lived in the house, that secret room became everything from a hidden base to a museum gallery to a space station to an enchanted forest, with each setting being augmented by the “artwork” we’d draw on the three walls that weren’t adorned with wood. It was the sort of place that was absolutely ideal for a kid with an overactive imagination, and years later, my father confessed that he’d thought the very same thing.

It wasn’t the only reason he’d purchased that house, obviously… but knowing that his kids would love the place had helped.


13/18 I used to live in a very large house in northern Ontario (Canada) and there was a closet in the front hallway that if you entered you could make your way through and come out in the bedroom on the other side. It was like a mini hallway/passage between the walls from the front closet to the bedroom closest. Me , my siblings and my pets got many hours of fun out of it!


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