People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.

People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.


As a Jurassic Park fan and budding young buccaneer, this intrigued me. Did this door lead to some kind of lost world? Was it hiding a fabulous secret?

I spent three years trying to find out, but the door was always shut fast and locked with a big brass padlock. My schemes to invade, including digging under it from beneath the front porch, were failures.

Finally, not long before we moved, I found the door unlocked and ajar. Flush with success, I crept inside…the well house. A cramped, stuffy little room containing only the well pump, spider webs, and a smaller door to the space under the house.

It was anticlimactic, but it did give me three years of childish fancy.


11/18 It wasn’t really that secret, but as a child it felt like it was. In my friend’s house, what looked like a bunk bed actually had a door where the bottom bunk was, which lead to a secret toy room. I loved it in there.


12/18 My family moved from California to New Mexico when I was eight years old, arriving in the dead of night only a few days before Christmas. Our new house was a large, multilevel structure in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, and my younger brother and I insisted on exploring the entire interior as soon as we had climbed out of the car. This endeavor led us absolutely everywhere that we could walk, from our parents’ bathroom to the back corners of the kitchen pantry… but as we poked our heads into one of our shared bedroom’s closets, we found something unexpected.

“What’s that?” I remember my brother asking. “Max, what is that?!”

The detail that had caught his attention was little more than a literal hole in the wall. It was about three feet square, bordered by some kind of moulding, and absolutely pitch black on the other side. The two of us stood and stared at the space, both feeling somewhat uncertain about what we had discovered, before turning and running back upstairs to find our parents in the living room.

“Mom! Dad!” I yelled, barreling towards them. “There’s a… there’s a cave or something in our bedroom!” I don’t know why I thought this would be news to them – after all, my father had been living there for over a month already, and he certainly would have been made aware of any caverns connected to his house – but they played along as though it was new information.

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