People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.

People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.


We try to open it, but it won’t budge. It’s locked from both sides. What the hell is back there? My roommate Jacob decided he was going to channel his grandfather and pry the door open with his bare hands. And he did. Took him five minutes, bracing himself against the wall, but the door flew open and the bolt, wood block, screws and all fell down into the crawlspace.

And that’s what it was, a crawlspace. A deep dark one into the first floor attic. By now it’s about 2am. I grabbed a flashlight (in the days before smartphones, people actually owned them) and ventured in. It was about a two foot drop down to the floor and the ceiling was maybe 5′ high. First thing we noticed was the vintage 1960s bowling alley chairs sitting off to the side, covered in dust and grime. Tim wound up salvaging & restoring two of them, I think he wound up selling them when he moved to Toronto.

The crawlspace extended into the dark and got very narrow, we had to walk single file. Cobwebs and dust everywhere, and I’m 6’3″ so a very uncomfortable trek. We hit a wall after about 8m but it widened again and there were little crevices to the left and right. I came across a plywood trapdoor, so of course I opened it and slid down.

So I’m climbing down over this big greasy heavy machinery but it hasn’t clicked yet where I am. I get down to the ground, which is a pretty immaculate hardwood. Really weird contrast between these huge dirty machines and the perfect floor. Then I noticed the bowling pins.

We were in the bowling alley. I called my roommates down, only two of them came. We found our way out into one of the lanes. Nothing was locked up. We pilfered chips and candy bars, making sure no one was passing by. Snagged a couple of pins on the way back up, I still have one somewhere.

It became a semi regular hangout for us and our friends, late at night after the bars closed. Eventually someone figured out how to get everything switched on and we even bowled a few frames here and there. Didn’t steal too many snacks, didn’t want things getting too suspicious. We got people coming over just to see the crawlspace and the alley. It was a time.

The landlord never said a word.


9/18 My house had a secret room in the attic. It’s a really old house and the former owner was a pretty wealthy banker. The room was used as an opium den, and when the stock market crashed he hung himself in there.


10/18 I used to live in a big old house in the mountains of California. When I was 8, I was rustling around in some big bushes up against the side of the house and found a boxy structure with a heavy door. To the left of the door, someone had scrawled “The Lost World” and drew the Jurassic Park logo.

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