People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.

People Share Stories of Discovering Passageways And Rooms That They Had No Idea Were There.


5/18 The closest thing I’ve ever had to a “secret room” was the tornado shelter in my last house.

When my wife and I moved in, we went into the garage and discovered a trap door on the floor. The door lead down to an underground tornado shelter. There were no lights. The stairs creaked horribly, the air was thick with dust, and the echoes sounded like something was walking towards you. To make things even worse, you had to go down the stars backward, so you couldn’t see whatever evil monster was waiting for you in the dark.

I told my wife “That tornado shelter is scarier than a tornado. I’m never going down there.”

But later, we actually had a tornado warning. We grabbed flashlights and sleeping bags and rushed down there. It turned out, once you walked around the corner, the super creepy tornado shelter was bright pink and covered in lady bug stickers. Apparently the last owner’s little girl used it as a play room.


6/18 There was a tile in our kitchen that you could lift up and there was a hole down to the laundry room in the basement. We usually just used it to talk to anyone that was down there, or a laundry chute if we were too lazy to go downstairs.


7/18 I used to live in suburban Detroit where people had immense fear of breaking and enterings. So, when we moved into our new house, the landlord showed us the ‘special cabinet.’ One of the cabinets in the office room off the living room was actually a passage-way tiny to a small room with some water bottles, gas masks, other important survival things. It had room for about 2 or 3 people.

Needless to say, we never used it.


8/18 My first apartment was a crummy 100-year-old five bedroom above a bar and a bowling alley in the downtown. Very loud & Sunday morning hangovers were awful because of league day. Bowling balls nonstop. RolllllllCRASH. Not fun.

Anyhow, in the corner of my bedroom was a little 2’x2′ padlocked shut. Landlord wouldn’t tell me what was in there, just that I shouldn’t be opening it. Was a little creeped out by it if I’m honest but that landlord was the type to fix a roof leak with duct tape and a garbage bag so I knew I wouldn’t be getting anything more out of him.

So I’m hypnotised by this door. I try hiding it behind my computer desk but it won’t stop calling to me and the padlock made the desk sit funny so I wound up moving it back.

I was going to get in there.

Came up one poker night that my roommate Tim had a set of bolt cutters in his room, lord knows why. We were just tipsy enough to try it. So the five of us pile into my room, drinks & cigarettes in hand, and Tim chops off the lock. The moment of truth.

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