'I Couldn't Remember My Own Name.' Pregnant Women Share Their Most Hilariously Dumb Pregnancy Brain Moments

‘I Couldn’t Remember My Own Name.’ Pregnant Women Share Their Most Hilariously Dumb Pregnancy Brain Moments


didn’t realize until after that I had about 200 dollars worth of groceries in the back of the truck.

– Anonymous

34. I bawled like a baby BC I couldn’t find matching socks. The sob fest lasted so long that I was late for work. My husband tried to let me wear his socks and then I cried even harder bc they weren’t MY socks. He reminds me of that every time I mention another baby.


35. Searched and searched for my glasses and was so upset because I just got them (I used to wear contacts all the time). Upset and crying, I called my husband. He comes home looks at me and says I see you found your glasses. I burst into tears crying because I hadn’t found them; they were on my face all day.


36. I cried at Smiths when they didn’t have any ripe avocados and actually told the produce worker “I hope you are happy, you pathetic punk…. I hate you….” He then found me in the check out and handed me 2 ripe avocados and said “my wife is pregnant too, it’s ok.”


37. I tossed my dog a dryer sheet before walking out of the house instead of a dog biscuit. Fail.


38. Grocery shopping….got my daughter out of the cart and all buckled in the car… and drove off with the groceries and my purse sitting in the cart. Had to drive back when I could not find my purse. Grocery store management was looking at video to see if I was kidnapped! Talk about embarrassed.


39. During a checkup, I couldn’t keep my composure when my doctor, of Indian descent, told me to focus. His heavy accent made it sound like he was saying “f–ers.” He said it repeatedly, and more furiously, the more I giggled. The more he said it, the harder I laughed. We had to reschedule the appointment.



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