'I Couldn't Remember My Own Name.' Pregnant Women Share Their Most Hilariously Dumb Pregnancy Brain Moments

‘I Couldn’t Remember My Own Name.’ Pregnant Women Share Their Most Hilariously Dumb Pregnancy Brain Moments


couldn’t find him. I broke down crying at having lost my son until my friend went upstairs and found him asleep in the cot. Apparently I’d put him down for a nap, but didn’t remember.”

—Shama-Jade Balcarres, Facebook

20. I put my jeans on this morning and they just felt weird. They weren’t covering my butt right or staying up. I couldn’t figure out why. After about 45 minutes I looked down and realized I had been wearing my jeans backwards all morning.


21. I don’t think my husband really understood until last night just how scatterbrained it can make a woman. Exhibit A:

I was in the kitchen and meant to bring him a soda when I went back into the living room.

A few minutes later, he gets up to get a soda, so I remind him I just brought him one.

Turns out I actually brought him a pack of ramen noodle seasoning…


22. We were in England for a baby moon trip around thanksgiving and being from Florida we were quite bundled up for our journey. We had walked into a pub for some dinner and this place was PACKED! I had taken off my gloves, hat and scarf and had unzipped my jacket but was still wearing it since we didn’t have a table yet. When we finally got to a table and I took my jacket off I didn’t notice that my sweater and shirt had balled up to the top of my belly. I was now standing in the middle of a super crowded restaurant with my entire belly hanging out and only barely covered by the stretchy top of my maternity pants. I didn’t realize until two women had given me a look of pity and I was so embarrassed. If I wasn’t so hungry I probably would have made DH take me somewhere else to eat.


23. I forgot my Uncle’s name as well as my aunts and cousin. That whole off shoot, I just could not for the life of me remember any of their names. I mean, they had been a part of my family for my whole life, I was super embarrassed. This happened with my first pregnancy.


24. I buttered a teabag. Yep.


25. On several occasions I forgot to put my boob away after breastfeeding. One time was in church.


26. Today I went to Wally World for a few baby related things I’ve been wanting for weeks (mostly craft related things, but other odds and ends too). When I got there I couldn’t remember what I was there for! I waddled up and down nearly every aisle trying to remember, but I could not. I came home empty handed and remembered everything shortly after. I’m going to have to write a very detailed list before going again.


27. I poured Orange Juice into my cereal and poured milk into my cup.

I think the worst incident was arriving at the supermarket to buy a few things. After I got home, I realized that (Continued)

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