14 Horrified Babysitters Share Stories Of The WORST Kid They Ever Looked After. Who Raised You?!

14 Horrified Babysitters Share Stories Of The WORST Kid They Ever Looked After. Who Raised You?!


Babysitting is a job that most of us will have to endure. But sometimes it’s just so bad, you have to ask: is it worth it?

Below are 14 horrifying stories of babysitters who had to deal with the worst kids. Check them out!

1/14) Friend babysat a kid with pica. Had to follow him around everywhere yelling “NO DON’T EAT THAT!”. Ended the night watching him chew on her flip flop while it was on her foot.


2/14) I was babysitting a new family. Parents leave, kids turn into demons. Two little boys and one girl. They tormented her until she was literally clinging to my legs. Then one boy gets up, pulls his pants down, and starts pissing in the middle of the living room. I freak out and start to clean it up and send the boy to his room. The other brother followed him, as they shared a room, and just sat there with him. The girl sneaks downstairs throughout all this and unbeknownst to me starts making an F5 grade mess.

After I clean the pee, I go to get them out of the boys’ room. Surprise, door is closed. Oh, and apparently locked…. the one boy is only like 3 and is crying because he can’t open it and his brother won’t let him out. The older boy is defiant and just screaming at me NO IM NOT OPENING IT. YOU’RE NOT MY MOM! I WANT MY MOMMY! We had a stand off for a few minutes before I realized the girl was gone.

Well, I wasn’t getting the boys out, so I went to get the phone and call the parents while I tried to find the girl. She pulled out ALL the toys and they were everywhere and I couldn’t find her because she was like in a pillow pile somewhere.

I don’t really have an ending to the story, but needless to say I was pretty much in tears by the time they came home. One of them drove me home and kept apologizing and hoped I’d still give them another chance. That did not happen.


3/14) Friend used to babysit in high school and told me this one:

The parents had three kids and treated kid #1 and #3 like royalty and kid #2 like dirt. I don’t know how it started, but kid #1 and #3 blamed kid #2 for everything that went wrong or just blamed him for something that didn’t actually happen (like hitting, swearing, throwing stuff).

One time, friend was watching all three kids closely and one kid comes over and says kid #2 he him. Since friend was watching the entire time, she asked when he did that since he really wasn’t doing anything. Kid said “Just now. If you were my dad, you’d be yelling at him already.”

She caught on that kid #2 was that hated child pretty quickly and stayed closer to him than the other two and tried to treat him a little better. It didn’t help that Mom and Dad already hated this child for all the things he didn’t do (because some children had to be little brats), but at least he had one friend for awhile


4/14) Had a five year old pull out a pocketknife on me and demand I give him my Pokemon cards.

Also had a kid try to pry the kitchen window off because he wanted to see the kids I was watching that were inside.


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